Tow-stage Planetary Extruder Pelletizing
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Tow-stage Planetary Extruder Pelletizing


Two-stage Planetary Extruder pelletizing

B.TRUST adopts a two-stage planetary extruder, which inherits all the advantages of a planetary extruder:1、The planetary extruder has a better material adaptability, which can adapt to a variety of materials.  Also, it can achieve good plasticization effects without replacing any parts; 

2、Sufficient degassing performance; 

3、The screw is made of material imported from Germany;

4、The scope of application covers almost all heat-sensitive materials such as Rigid & Soft PVC, PVC modified, PVC cable and HFFR cable material etc.;
5、We also provide customized services to meet your needs.   

Two-stage Planetary extruder  pelletizing !

Planetary Roller Extruder equipped with a single Strainer Machine

Meet your different requirements

Used for Underwater pelletizing or Air cooling and hot die face pelletizing 

Widely used in pelletizing system 

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Two-stage Planetary Extruder pelletizing

Two-stage Planetary Extruder, being used for plastic pelletizing  system is now more and more adopted by the users. If you are looking for this kind machines, please do not hesitate to contact me to get more details.

Techniacl Parameters

Output of 100 - 2,000 kg/h (PVC) and adjustment to different formulas possible

Flexiable design

Get your plastic pelletizing machine solution!

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