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Planetary Extruder


characteristics of Planetary Extruder

1. Modular structure, up to six cylinders can be connected in series;

2. Realize the high cooling performance of high - viscosity products through large - area surface exchange;

3. Compared with other processing systems, the processing area of the planetary extruder is approximately 5 times larger than its surface area through geometric processing;

4. Great energy exchange during heating and cooling treatment;

5. With a large operating range, the additive amount can be changed through the side feeder;

6. Ideal degassing performance;

7. High mixing degree under soft processing and low speed;

8. Compared with all comparable processing systems, it has the best self- cleaning effect;

9. When the work/material = 1:10, the production quality is the best, that is to say, to achieve good results, the planetary extruder can not be filled fully.

10. The material can be changed rapidly and repeatedly with the lowest scrap rate.

Techniacl Parameters

Models 150, 170, 200, 250, 260, 280, 300, 350 and 400,550

Output of 500 - 5,500 kg/h (PVC) and adjustment to different formulas possible

Flexiable design

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