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Continuous Mixer


Double Rotors Continuous Mixer!

We, B-TRUST, supply you the Double Rotors Continuous Mixer which gives you the high compounding performance and especially to the raw material which is temperature sensitive. The Continuous Mixer also benefits its high capacity, small floor space required and homogeneous mixing.

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Continuous Mixer Specification

Continuous Mixer belongs to the compounding mixer used to plastify the plastic raw material in succession. After conducting a large number of experiments, we successfully apply the continuous mixer to different materials and are always committed to satisfy your unique requirements.   

Comparing with the common banbury, the Continuous Mixer is with high compounding efficiency, low operation and maintenance cost, homogeneous plasticizing, low energy consumption, etc.

Techniacl Parameters

Models HTCM2~HTCM8

Output of 50 - 3,500 kg/h (PVC) and adjustment to different formulas possible

Flexiable design

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